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USWC Contract Holder FAQs


Do I need to return to the dealer for repairs?

It is not required that you return to the selling dealer for repairs.

Where can I have my vehicle repaired?

You may have your vehicle repaired at a repair facility of your choice in the United States or Canada.

How do I determine what is covered?

Please refer to your Service Contract and Registration Page to determine your coverage. Please feel free to contact our Claims Department for a detailed review of your coverage.

What method of payment do you utilize to pay claims?

Reimbursement can be made to the repair facitlity or to the customer by check, credit card or ACH (Automated Clearing House).

The awning and roof of my Recreational Vehicle have sustained wind and hail damage, is this covered?

We do not cover weather related damage. Please contact your insurance company for further assistance.

I am unsuccessful in locating my service contract number, can you help?

We can do a search in our database for your service contract number with either the last six digits of your Vehicle Identification Number or your first and last name.

Why should I purchase your extended warranty over one of your competitors?

We have been in business since 1975 and are one of the oldest RV Extended Service Protection companies in the United States. We’ve carefully built in special coverages that you may not find elsewhere. For instance, we include coverage for diagnostic fees, shipping and taxes. Seals and Gaskets are included at no extra cost on all plans. Senior Citizens, Active Military and Veterans receive a 25% reduction in their deductible when they call in a claim (not available in Florida).

We also include the following benefits at no extra cost to you on every contract: USWC Personal Assistant, Towing, Emergency Service Calls, Lockout and Trip Interruption.

Watch out video to understand why we believe customer education is the backbone of our business and relationships are the heart and soul!

Are seals and gaskets covered?

Seals & Gaskets coverage is included at no extra cost on all plans (excluding powertrain only coverage).

What is GAP coverage and do you offer it?

GAP is a unique coverage program that protects you from financial disaster in case your vehicle is stolen or totaled. Here’s why: as your vehicle gets older, the actual cash value (ACV) declines, while your lease or loan balance may remain higher than what the insurance company will pay you. You are then liable for the difference between what the insurance company pays you and what you owe.

Many people do not realize that they are responsible for the balance owed on the vehicle. GAP covers the difference between your loan or lease balance and your insurance settlement.

Please contact us directly to find a dealer near you who offers our GAP protection.

What if I break down when your office is closed?

Claims adjusters are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays by calling our toll free number (800) 233-9878.

How do I file a claim?

Authorization must be obtained from us before repair work is commenced.

In the event of a breakdown, contact us immediately to report and discuss the claim prior to commencing the repairs in order for us to do a preliminary evaluation of our liability.

To report a claim, call (800) 233-9878 or submit through our website under the CLAIMS TAB above.

It is your responsibility to authorize the repair facility to diagnose the problem and to contact us to provide the diagnosis and an estimate of the parts and labor. We will evaluate the claim and upon our acceptance of liability we will issue an authorization number and confirm the repair cost.

Upon completion of the repair, we review the service performed with the repair facility and make certain that you are satisfied before signing the work order approving us to pay the repair cost.

Watch our video to learn more about filing a claim.

Can I cancel my extended warranty?

Please refer to your service contract for cancellation procedures or contact us directly at (800) 233-9878.

Can I transfer my warranty when I sell my vehicle?

Yes, if you sell your vehicle to a private owner, you may transfer the warranty to them. Please refer to the service contract for transfer details or contact us at (800) 233-9878.

When does my coverage begin?

Your coverage is effective as of the date you signed the application pending our acceptance.

What are the different levels of plans and is there a deductible?

We have three (3) levels of plans to cover most vehicles!

Plan: Eagle – This plan includes basic coverage and allows you the flexibility in designing your own warranty by purchasing only the options you need. Only listed parts are covered.

Plan: Eagle Plus – This plan includes all coverage and most options contained in Plan: Eagle. Only listed parts are covered.

Plan: Eagle Guardian – The most comprehensive exclusionary coverage available. This plan provides coverage for virtually all factory approved and dealer installed mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic parts essential to the operation of your vehicle.

Standard deductibles range from $50 – $200. Contact us for more details per plan. You have the option of increasing the deductible to reduce your overall payment.

Watch this video to learn more about our services.

Do you offer a Payment Plan option?

Payment options should be discussed with the dealership you are purchasing the warranty from.

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